Hello There!

First and foremost, I must thank you for visiting my site. I am the 16-year-old creator of this website. The main reason why I created this website was to provide students (all over the world) with easy-to-grasp resources to enhance their learning. Yes, “easy-to-grasp” is the keyword here and it is what distinguishes collegepreparations.org.

Vocabulary Course

10 words are given for almost each letter in the alphabet. Instead of long, and sometimes confusing and hard, definitions, a few synonyms are given to help you “easily grasp” the meaning of the word. Of course, any thesaurus can do the same, however, they provide so many synonyms that it makes it hard for you to understand the word. Also, there are 5 sentences for each word to help you understand its usage in sentences. For each usage in a sentence, if you hover over or click on the underlined word, you can see how it is used in that sentence. I will leave you with that for the vocabulary course. Hopefully, you find it helpful.

European History

The style of this course is pretty simple and straightforward. Each line that is indented serves as an extra information about its parent line — that is, a line that is indented less or is more to the left is the parent line and all lines that move to the right after it, serve to provide extra information about it. The Modern European History course will cover the European history from the 15th century till the 21st century. Again, any other websites or books could do the same, however, collegepreparations.org tries to simplify the information so that you do not have to read long articles that basically could be summarized in a few sentences. This website, likewise, will provide only the necessary information needed to know about the events happening in the specific time periods. I am still working on it, and new courses will constantly be added.

Again, I sincerely thank you for visiting my website. If you have found its resources helpful, please recommend collegepreparations.org to others. Its content will constantly be updated and new courses will be added. If you have some cool ideas on how to improve the website or its content, email me at contact@collegepreparations.org

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